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Join Dr. Travis Brown and host Steve Davis as they explore the world of  diseases, illnesses, and medicine in fortnightly doses. A finalist for Best Education Podcast, Australian Podcast Awards 2022.

Dr Travis Brown and Steve Davis from This Medical Life Podcast

Where It All Began

The drive and motivation for the This Medical Life podcast began when Dr Travis Brown was recording episodes of the This Pathological Life podcast.

“I loved creating this with Clinpath, Charlie-Helen Robinson, and Steve Davis,” says Dr Travis Brown.

“I enjoyed researching, interviewing and exploring the premise that every disease has a story to tell.

“As time progressed, I found myself wanting to expand into the history and stories of the medical and surgical fields, hence, the This Medical Life podcast.”

Australian Podcast Awards Nominee

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From Pathology, Big Things Grow

There is no doubt in Dr Travis Brown’s opinion, that pathology is a fundamental pillar of medicine.

In almost every area of medicine, pathology helps us to understand the process of a disease, abnormality or irregularity.

Sometimes pathology provides the direct cause of an illness and there are measurable parameters for which clinicians can analyse (ie malignancy).

However, he notes, in other cases, pathology may be more academic and it can help understand a disease but not necessarily have a clinical application or an applicable corresponding test (ie psychiatry).

“As my episodes with This Pathological Life expanded, I found topics that I really wanted to delve into but would fall under the banner of academic pathology (ie Historical autopsies, Neurology, Psychiatry, Giants of medicine),” he says.

“Therefore, This Medical Life is an extension of This Pathological Life, still with pathology as an important foundation (I’m a Pathologist after all) but covering all aspects of medicine.”

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