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Thank you for your interest in the This Medical Life podcast. On this page you’ve find bios of our presenters and our production team. And we also explain the background and mission of the podcast. – Dr Travis Brown

What is the This Medical Life podcast?

Our mission is to share stories about the triumphs and tragedies of diseases and illnesses from ancient times up until what we know today. It is about those scientific and medical minds who came before us and how, every single day, we stand on the shoulders of giants. This is a podcast about the stories of medicine.

Who is it for?

Our target audience is General Practitioners, medical students and other health professionals. We hope to educate, inspire and celebrate those who choose to care for others in their profession. From experience, we know that our audience extends beyond these fields and would like to welcome anyone to listen. The stories of those who came before us is nothing short of remarkable and he hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

How do we hope you’ll use it?

My  hope is that you will not only enjoy the stories but learn something as well. The most powerful things I learnt from medical school usually came from stories: tell me a fact and I might remember it, tell me a story and I’ll never forget it. Medicine is a treasure trove of amazing real-life characters and stories, all we are doing here is dusting them off to see them more clearly. I hope you find enjoyment and maybe even wonderment at where we find ourselves today.

Do you have a topic you’d like us to explore on the This Medical Life podcast?

One of my true joys is finding a thread of a story that takes me down a path I never knew existed. Before these podcasts, I used to think that scientist/doctor self-experimentation was very rare. However, before the twentieth century (and even into the twentieth century), it seems almost the norm. There is no telling where a thread comes from but if anyone has an idea, I’m always open for suggestions. Hit me up on twitter or email and we’ll see where that path goes.

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Dr Travis Brown

Dr Travis Brown, This Medical Life Podcast

Resident General Pathologist, Clinpath Pathology
Qualifications: B. COM/B. COMP, B. SCI (MED SCI), MBBS, FRCPA

Dr Travis Brown enjoys working in the fields of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Anatomical Pathology, and Haematology. He is well known across the Adelaide medical landscape for his ability to quickly summarise keypoints and frequently asked questions in pathology for general medical practitioners and specialists alike.
Travis’ background is in Anatomical Pathology however he completed his General Pathology Specialty training inNovember 2016. Prior to this, Travis completed Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Computing degrees at theUniversity of Ballarat and worked for two years in the Global Risk Management Services (Information Technology) department with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Melbourne.

Twitter: @DrTravisBrown

Steve Davis

Steve Davis, This Medical Life Podcast

Owner/Creative Director, Talked About Marketing

Our podcast host is a seasoned radio interviewer and podcaster. Steve runs his own marketing company, TalkedAbout Marketing, based on Oscar Wilde’s saying, “there’s only one thing worsethan being talked about and that’s NOT being talked about.” Over there, he creates a podcast, Talking About Marketing
Steve sees content creation through podcasts as an important way he can help clients get “talked about” and is known to podcast listeners for his long-running project, The Adelaide Show  podcast, which won Silver for Best Interview Podcast at the 2021 Australian Podcast Awards.

LinkedIn: Steve Davis

Tim Whiffen

From working in the public and commercial radio space, Tim found his passion in making sophisticated media that doesn’t get the air-time he wished it did. Set on changing Australia’s media landscape, with degrees in media, sonic arts, and philosophy under his belt, Tim oversaw production of the initial series. Tim produces, and is regularly heard on, the long-running podcast, Blind Insights With David Olney.

Twitter: @TimWhiffen

Tom Bussenschutt

Tom Bussenschutt returned to Australia as the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world, having had a successful career in London.  Combining solid, technical chops, with a sound and adventurous design eye, Tom crafted the unique look and feel for This Medical Life that is at once it’s own design while complementing its sister podcast, This Pathological Life.

Instagram: @Tom.Buzz

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