006 – Multiple Sclerosis | Sclerose En Plaque Disseminee

Travis Brown This Medical Life Multiple Sclerosis Podcast

At the end of the 14th century, a young woman is skating on a frozen canal and suddenly falls injuring herself. Her name is Lidwina. Over the next 30 years her body deteriorated due to a disease we know today as Multiple Sclerosis. Lidwina faced this illness admirably and was canonized in the late 19th century for her fortitude and faith.

The breakthrough for MS is attributed to Jean-Martin Charcot. Known as the Father of Neurology, he called this condition ‘sclerose en plaque disseminee’ and even watched as his servant ‘Luc’ developed symptoms. He confirmed as her disease when he performed her autopsy and found sclerotic plaques on her spinal cord and brain.  

Our special guest is Dr James Leyden from Leyden Neurology who has been practicing in Adelaide for 12 years. Links and names to the relevant Australian MS organisations are provided below:

MS Australia

The national peak body for:

  • Research
  • Advocacy
  • A cure for MS
  • Education, Communication and Awareness
  • Support for our state and territory MS Member Organisations
  • International Collaboration


Frontline support and advisory service organisations for the MS community around Australia (our four state and territory MS Member Organisations):

  • MS Queensland
  • MS Limited (NSW/ACT/VIC and Tasmania)
  • MS Society of SA & NT
  • MSWA

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