011 – The Great Plague | Yersinia Pestis & The Impending Doom

Travis Brown This Medical Life Great Plague Podcast

In 1347, the European world encountered one of history’s greatest tragedies: the great plague. Today, it is known by many names: the black death, the black plague, or the great mortality. Whatever name we give it though, one thing is clear: those who lived through this time genuinely believed this disease would eradicate of humanity The true toll of this plague is unknown. Tens of millions of people were killed and those that weren’t, were scarred in every way imaginable. This disease would ravage European cities and countries for 7 years before it finally relented. Amazingly, it would only be 9 years before another plague epidemic appeared. They called this one the ‘Children’s plague’. Join us with this episode to study the disease that is responsible for millions of deaths in history and still exists with us today.

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