031: BRCA | The BReast CAncer genes (Part 2)

Breast Cancer (Ductal Carcinoma) depiction from the National Cancer Institute for This Medical Life Episode 30

A continuation from Episode 30. In this episode, we discuss the continued management for patients with Breast Cancer and the BRCA pathological variant.

Our special guests:

Associate Professor Nick Murray who is a Medical Oncologist and Director of the Medical Oncology Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Cancer Services

Dr Eryn Dow – Medical Oncologist and Clinical Cancer Geneticists

It is important to note that while Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women, the discussion of BRCA and familial breast cancer accounts for ~10% of cases. This is a complex disease that we are learning about every day and with the remainder of Breast Cancers accounting for 90%, it is a topic we will be revisiting in the future.


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