046: Breast Screening & Mammograms | Present (Part 1)

Breast Cancer ribbon surrounded by scientific equipment

A critical tool in the fight against breast cancer is population screening. Early detection, surgical intervention +/- further treatment has dramatically reduced advanced disease and mortality rates but it still remains the most common cancer worldwide.

In this episode, we focus on the history of breast cancer, the development of mammograms and early detection with our understanding of the underlying pathology. Our special guests include:

Associate Professor Michelle Reintals is the Director of BreastScreen South Australia and an Australian trained radiologist with extensive and international experience in breast screening and mammography.

Associate Professor Wendy Raymond is a histopathologist who has specialised in breast pathology and cytology. A/Professor Raymond is a past president of the Australian Society of Breast Disease and co-edited the IAC Yokohama system for reporting breast FNA biopsies.

This is the first part of a two-part series on breast screening, focusing on the present. The second part (coming soon) will focus on the future.

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