Ep 45 Drugs & Genes: Pharmacogenetics and Pathology

Ep 45 Drugs & Genes: Pharmacogenetics and Pathology

One of the important jobs of a doctor is to prescribe medications.

Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the most challenging.

Pharmacokinetics, physiology, and drug-to-drug interactions are just some of the challenges that doctors deal with every day.

It is becoming more apparent that for medications and one size (dose) does not fit them all. In addition, it the role of genetics is also becoming increasingly important for the drugs that suit, and don’t suit, individual patients.

Our special guest for this episode is Professor Graeme Suthers to help us shed light on this area of Pharmacogenetics.


Professor Graeme Suthers

Prof Suthers is Sonic Healthcare’ Director of Genetics. He is one of Australia’s most respected experts in the field of genetics, and is nationally and internationally recognised for his expertise in genetic disorders, testing and clinical service provision.

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