Episode Eleven | Episode 11.9 [][] 9.11 edosipE

Episode Eleven | Episode 11.9 [][] 9.11 edosipE

On the 11th of September, 2001, 19 terrorists hijacked 4 planes and crashed 2 of them into the Twin Towers of the in New York. Hours later, both Towers collapsed which caused a huge toxic dust plume composed of WTC (World Trade Centre) dust. The heroism and selflessness of the First Responders was on full display but their service came at a cost of their own health. This is a tribute to the First Responders as we examine the pathology and chronic health conditions caused by the WTC dust exposure. The final interview sound bite is of Luis Alvarez, past New York City detective, and First Responder.

This episode is in collaboration with special guest, Dennis Strenk, Milwaukee Pathologists’ Assistant, CFO and Board of Trustees member of the AAPA and People of Pathology Podcast host [peopleofpathology.podbean.com]


11:50 Chapter Two – Snippet from ‘People of Pathology’ Podcast, Interview between Dennis Strenk and Dr Gary Berman, Forensic Odontology and DMORT

14:57 Interview with Dennis Strenk, People of Pathology Podcast

20:07 Q: How does 9/11 parallel with COVID-19?

24:53 Interview ends with Dennis Strenk

24:54 Aerosol impact (WTC Dust)

33:43 Chapter Three – Ramifications


Original interview with Dr Berman:


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