Episode Fifteen | Diabetes Mellitus | The Honey Siphon

Episode Fifteen | Diabetes Mellitus | The Honey Siphon

Sugar is as addictive as nicotine and as toxic as … well, sugar.

Diabetes mellitus is the fastest growing chronic disease and the not-so-silent potentially ignorable epidemic sweeping our nation. This is a disease known about since antiquity and often fatal to those afflicted in history.

With the discovery of insulin in 1922 and exponential growth in our understanding, we now have the resources to manage and even potentially prevent this disease; but will we choose to do so?


Part One Dr James Meucke AM

16:00 Part Two Dr Travis Brown

26:57 Part Three Dr Travis Brown provides a snap shot of current day

36:38 Part Four Dr Devika Thomas

The Episode has a special guest collaboration with Dr James Meucke AM “AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR”.

Wiki: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Muecke

LinkedIn and bio: linkedin.com/in/james-muecke-am-a1621812

This Episode includes an interview with Dr Devika Thomas

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