Episode Twenty Nine | CST Cervical Screening | A smear in time (saves lives)

Episode Twenty Nine | CST Cervical Screening | A smear in time (saves lives)

In 1952, George Papanicolaou with the National Cancer Institute embarked on the first ever cervical screening trial. The results were remarkable and the first demonstration of the power of screening an asymptomatic population.

However, the path to this point took decades of perseverance and self-belief. This feat changed the course of medicine and can be attributed to two people: George and Mary Papanicolaou.

Cervical screening is one of the most effective screening programs ever initiated.

Combined with the recent advancements of HPV molecular testing and the HPV vaccine, Cervical cancer is now relatively uncommon and has an excellent prognosis.


Dr Cos Fusco

Doctor of Health Science, Master of Medical Science (Pathology)

Fellow of the International Academy of Cytology

CT(ASC) Australian Society of Cytology

Currently Supervising Cytologist Clinpath Pathology

Additionally, Dr Fusco is a current committee member of the RCPAQAP Cytopathology advisory committee 2019-2023 and Scientific coordinator (SA) for The IMPACT National HPV study.

He started his cytology training in 1986 at the then Gribbles Pathology. He worked in Cytology and Histology at Gribbles, IMVS, Clinpath and Adelaide Pathology Partners. In 2006, Dr Fusco started the Cytology laboratory at Adelaide Pathology Partners at the invitation of Dr Fergus Whitehead, and continued with this role post merger with Clinpath Pathology.

His Doctoral Thesis was based on HPV HR DNA testing, HPV vaccination and molecular biomarkers and the potential impacts, on the Australian cervical screening program. Cervical cancer and HPV related cancers are an interest and a focus for research. He has a strong interest and involvement in Endobronchial Ultrasound FNA (EBUS FNA) collection for lung cancer staging and diagnosis.

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