019 – Gout & Hyperuricaemia | Affluent Afflictions

Sugar Crystals for This Medical Life Podcast with Travis Brown

Ancient Egyptians called it podagra (foot-trap), Hippocrates the unwalkable disease, and the 17th and 18th century it became known as the Disease of Kings. Gout has long been associated with rich foods and an affluent lifestyle. Yet, its significance in the modern era cannot be overstated.

Commonly thought of a joint disease, the systemic impact are becoming increasingly apparent. Join us as we discuss the significance of gout for patients and the importance of diet, treatment and management.

Our special guests include:

Professor Richard Johnson is a physician in internal medicine, renal, and infectious diseases. Professor Johnson is involved in research and published over 260 journal articles, ‘The Fat Switch’ in 2012, and ‘Nature wants us to be fat’ in 2022. He also is popular on youtube: 

Professor Ken Sikaris is a chemical pathologist and the Director of Chemical Pathology at Melbourne Pathology. Professor Sikaris is a NATA assessor, Founding Fellow of the RCPA Faculty of Science and principle examiner in Pathology Informatics. He is also an advocate of the low carb diet on YouTube (with over half a million views) and was Professor Blood in the Australian documentary ‘That Sugar Film’.

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