027: Podcast Awards and Talkback Radio | Taking This Medical Life To The People

This Medical Life Podcast - Australian Podcast Awards and talkback radio

This Medical Life is a podcast for GPs, specialists, allied health professionals, and medical students but in this episode we share content related to the Australian Podcast Awards and talkback radio.

Dr Travis Brown and Steve Davis are taking a short break so this episode is a little different. You might consider it an audio snack.

It features two pieces of content.

The first is the 15-minute submission created for the 2022 Australian Podcast Awards. The criteria state we could select snippets from up to five episodes, published in the previous 12 months, and compile them into one track of less than 15 minutes duration.

If you have a colleague new to This Medical Life, the first half of this episode would be a good primer of the style and content we strive to produce. There is a video version of the submission at the bottom of this page.

The second part of this episode is of similar length, containing one of Dr Travis Brown’s regular interviews on Adelaide talkback station, FIVEaa.

Host, Richard Pascoe, has Travis share some of the novel history and insights about diseases we cover on This Medical Life.

What makes these interviews different is the fact that they’re for a popular audience, not our specialist, medical audience.

We hope you enjoy hearing this act of outreach.


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